Yes, hello

Date 2017 Agency Just for fun

The phone rings and the absurdities begin. Long live the freelance life.


Date 2017 Agency Elbdudler

Or was it cheese? Hmm...

Food glorious food

Date 2018 Agency I'll never say!

Made some layouts for a food brand. Average food shots, super cheesy headlines. You're not missing much...

VWN Crafter Look

Date 2016 Agency Grabarz & Partner

I whipped together some looks for Grabarz & Partner a while ago. One of them was liked, then forgotten, then remembered again. Here it is...


Date 2016 Agency Philipp und Keuntje

Made a film about myAudi, a tool that is currently completely useless but will be really amazing and useful sometime soon. Guaranteed. Honestly. Really. Believe me.

The film isn’t much more interesting than this gif.