VWN Crafter Look

Date 2016 Agency Grabarz & Partner

I whipped together some looks for Grabarz & Partner a while ago. One of them was liked, then forgotten, then remembered again. Here it is...

Sleep Well

Date 2015 Agency thjnk

Ikea needed a TV ad for their beds with a strong visual concept that could be extended all the way to promotional activities. Said and done. Soft sleep, warm sleep, cold sleep, hard sleep: no matter what it is you need, there's a bed – and a landscape – to match.

The TV ad

The Promotion

Four lucky winners got to spend an unforgettable night in the bed of their dreams at one of four special locations based on their sleep preferences.

Audi A4

Date 2015 Agency Philipp und Keuntje

I styled some typography for the Audi A4.