this is bernie

They asked...

 for someone

Someone somewhere asked me to do something for some reason.

Too bad

Speak normal please

 for fun

Sometimes it helps to give a layout element or a look a name to make everyone feel a little better about it. Sometimes the names are pretty dumb when taken out of context. I want to start collecting them here…

The angle of success

The angle of success An angled line across the layout. But the angle is defined by the rectangular client logo, so it’s amazing and incredibly intelligent.

The Geil Keil

The Geil Keil A wedge element to make layouts more dynamic. The client is a super dynamic and oh-so-progressive car brand, so if you can use the same words for the layout that the client uses for themselves, chances are it’s a winner.

The starting line

The starting line Literally just two goddamn lines. But the campaign has something to do with beginnings, so sell sell sellllll those lines, baby!


 for fun

The saddest box in the history of the world.

Kill me now


 for Fluent

I have some questions. Some stylish, fashionable questions. But all I can show you is this moodboard.

Such a slick look


 for Serviceplan

Ugly drawings of some cars recently.

Pia Sternberg

 for Pia Sternberg

Pia Sternberg needed a small site to help her find a new job. Her handwriting is literally all over the page. Combined with the great Morion typeface, it’s a slick look. Go offer her a job now.


 for fun

I really don’t care.


 for Serviceplan

One of countless looks developed for a futuristic and super secret vehicle powered by hydrogen. The oldest water-based transport meets the newest.


 for Serviceplan

It’s a mystical place where all happiness lies. It’s also a cool wordmark.

Some Posters

 for Serviceplan

Made some posters with some patterns based on some branding elements. They work nicely solo and as a group. The client really really really hated them.